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Fondu Cement

African Refractory Products and Services also known as ARPS supplies a complete range of refractory products manufactured in-house or sourced from approved quality assured suppliers and distributes a wide range of products into various different industries to the Sub-Saharan African Market. We work with all our clients to determine the best products for their process requirements.


A hydraulic binder, with an alumina content of approximately 40%.



  • Exists of calcium aluminates which makes it the perfect binder for refractory applications.
  • Not suitable for refractory concretes where iron oxide may not be tolerated, for example in reducing atmospheres.
  • High in monocalcium and yields refractory concrete with excellent mechanical properties.
  • Adapted for all types of placing methods, specifically gunning and casting.
  • Recommended where rapid hardening and performance are required.
  • Suited to the manufacture of refractory premixes, because it does not contain any additives.
  • Certified according to ISO 9001


Must be stored in dry conditions, off the ground, as with all hydraulic binders.
This will ensure that it retain its properties for at least 6 months.
Properties can be retained for more than one year, which is the case in many instances.

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