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Freedom Day is a memorable event throughout South Africa and each year the National Celebration forms the basis for conveying the message of unity in diversity for all.

27 April marks the date, in 1994, when the country had its first free, all-race democratic election.
Independent of one’s personal hopes and fears, Freedom Day celebrates the fact that every South African is free to act, speak and live as they choose. It highlights the beginning of a new journey of building a South Africa that truly belongs to all who live in it.


Wondering what you can do on this historical day?

Why not visit some of South Africa’s historical places filled with South African culture.
Here are a few ideas:

  • Visit the Apartheid Museum
  • Visit Soweto
  • Take a trip to Robben Island
  • Visit Nelson Mandela’s capture site
  • Or just invite friends over to celebrate a unite South Africa, as easy as that!


But most of all, encourage a change in the attitude among the people of South Africa with our unique, diverse ethnic, cultural, and national background to inspire the people to be innovative and build a better South Africa TOGETHER!