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A Father’s Positive Influence

“When fathers are present, children have better mental health,” Farrell says.


“They are more likely to get along well with other children, sleep well at night, be trusting of others, and are less likely to be aggressive or participate in risky behaviour.”
Father’s Day is a time to pause and think about the many ways that dads make a difference in their children’s lives. Research shows that fathers’ positive engagement can improve child well-being whether they live full-time with their children or not.

That is why we would like to honour all the dads in our lives!

No other teacher can affect a child as much as their parents. For this reason, it’s important that fathers teach their children both by their example and their words. A father not only meets the physical needs of his family, but also the emotional needs of his family as well. The family turns to him as a support in all areas of need and he provides as best he can.

For being our strength when we are weak, for working hard to support and provide, but most of all, just for being our dads.
For that itself, is a gift!
Dads, we honour you!